And So It Begins…

Commuters in London were given a treat today as they scurried around Kings Cross station.  For one day only, 13 brightly coloured elephants took up residence under the fabulous architecture of the new western concourse.

And what a privilege it was for me to find Razzle Dazzle in their midst.

It will always amaze me seeing where different artists glean their inspiration, as my elephant, complete with its Art Deco catwalk, was surrounded by London wildlife, the Red Arrows, flowers, butterflies, pirates, sweets, stained-glass windows and the Union Jack, all executed in the individual artists’ signature styles.

Kings Cross was given a splash of colour and weary travellers were given a rather unusual place to perch while they waited for their trains. Photographs were taken in abundance and children and adults alike marvelled at these beautiful creatures in their temporary homes.

If you didn’t manage to catch the herd on its fleeting trip to London, the tour begins in earnest from Sunday 21st July 2013 for a four week stay in Watford before heading up north to Manchester.

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