Elephants on Parade

Back in 2010, a large herd of very colourful and diverse elephants took over the centre of London and I was fortunate enough to have created one of them.  Mr William, the William Morris-inspired elephant, lived in Green Park and you can find photos of him in my portfolio.  I absolutely loved being a part of Elephant Parade and being able to support such a worthwhile charity by doing something really creative.

Well, Elephant Parade is back and this time they’re going on tour! How very rock and roll! Over the course of a year, the elephants (around 100 of them) will be going up and down the country visiting at least 13 locations (including London, Nottingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Newcastle) and once again I have been chosen to bring one of my designs to life. I am delighted to be part of Elephant Parade 2013 and think it is fantastic to be educating the next generation about the importance of conservation in such a fun and exciting way.

Today, I took delivery of my elephant and I’m straight to work transforming it into my design.  This time, I have taken my inspiration from the decadent jazz age of the 1920s.  My art deco elephant features a central panel of fashion illustrations almost like a 1920s catwalk and aims to conjure up in people’s minds a time of luxury and glamour.  Elephants always seem timeless to me and have a certain grandeur about them and I hope my design expresses these qualities with its rich colours, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation.

There’s going to be a little bit of this:

And a lot of this:

But that’s all you’re getting for now!  Don’t want to spoil the big reveal at the end…


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