The Elephant Has Left The Building

The time has come for Razzle Dazzle the Elephant to rejoin the herd and begin its exciting tour of the UK.  And 51 fashion illustrations later with a little bit of help from Harpers Bazaar and Elle Decoration, my Art Deco design is complete!

You’ve got an entire year to catch these elephants around the country and their schedule is as follows:

17 July – preview day
21 July – intu Watford (4 weeks)
19 August – intu Trafford Centre, Manchester (4 weeks)
16 September – intu Metrocentre, Gateshead (4 weeks)
14 October – intu Eldon Square, Newcastle (4 weeks)
17 November – Cardiff (various locations) (3 weeks)

5 January – intu Victoria Centre/ Broadmarsh, Nottingham (5 weeks)
9 February – intu Braehead, Glasgow (4 weeks)
9 March – intu Potteries, Stoke (4 weeks)
7 April – intu Chapelfield, Norwich (4 weeks)
5 May – intu Lakeside, Essex (4 weeks)
2 June – intu Uxbridge ( 4 weeks)
30 June – intu Bromley (4 weeks)
28 July – London (2 weeks)

It’s incredible how different artists have decided to interpret the challenge and the diversity of styles and subject matter is vast.  I cannot wait to see all the elephants together, with Razzle Dazzle in the midst.


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